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Our Specialized Training Courses

Management Skills

With each individual comes a different set of skills & behavioural qualities. Together, let’s shape & polish all the key traits required in the development of your company’s culture – greatly enhancing your effectiveness & efficiency.

Sales, Marketing & Customer Service

Sales are the ultimate benchmark of any retail company. After identifying your strengths – and weaknesses – one or more of our expert trainers will furnish you with the know-how, such as developing key creativity techniques including how to better reach your target audience, leading to sustained customer satisfaction, and increased sales, as well as piquing new customer interest.

Skills for the Future

Information technology is an integral component of corporate life in today’s world, and companies are becoming increasingly dependant on a tech-savvy workforce.

Our expert I.T. trainers will deliver the tools & know-how for you to run with the times – and stand out from the rest.

Health & Well-being

Have you worked for years without enough rest?

Do you spend too much time sitting at your desk?

Is your quality of life being affected?

This course is designed to keep your body and mind in tip top condition. It covers everything from nutritional advice to meditation, yoga, and more…

ESL Development

We live in a globalized world, and the demand for English language – spoken & written – is becoming ever more apparent.

Our in-house trainer will conduct a needs analysis, and endeavor to design a perfectly tailored course with all the necessary tools. He will also deliver it in a fun & relaxed manner – that will not only enhance your skills – and in turn – your company’s competitiveness – but also make it a thoroughly enjoyable experience!

Other Developmental Skills

This course offers a multitude of training options in any combination you so desire. A whole host of techniques & tips to further enhance your company’s development and all-round prospects.

Team Building

Reflective team building activities are brilliant for breaking down barriers – perceived or real – as well as greatly enhancing camaraderie amongst your team. All evidence suggests that a happy, and cohesive personnel is far more likely to realize its potential – and achieve, or even exceed  its organizations’ goals.

Our vast array of team building activities are suitable for employees at entry level all the way  up to management level.

Developing – Together

Let us help you achieve, even exceed your organizations’ targets.


       Key Solutions Training is an established company boasting more than 12 years of experience, comprised of a team with 19 expert trainers and an array of courses containing all the necessary tools, to enhance your company’s culture, and greatly increase its potential.

       Human resources within any organization are of paramount importance, thus we are only too aware of the need to develop constantly.

During your consultation, together we’ll conduct a needs analysis. Once this has been completed, the relevant course content will be formulated and your training can begin, whether it be in-house training, and or continued support, an awayday, team building event, or a combination; we are more than ready to take care of you every step of the way.

1. In-House Training
2. Team Building
3. Consulting


       Key Solutions Training can help identify & solve each & every problem within your organization. We are confident our support can go a long way toward enabling you to make significant improvements across all sectors; with the knowledge and training imparted by our dedicated & talented team of trainers. All of our Soft Skills courses incorporate a training style generally comprised of 60% in-house lectures; which focus on providing descriptive knowledge & practical learning styles, together with 40% of vocational interactive activities in a workshop environment that are not only empowering, but also exhilarating  – giving you the skills to self-reflect, develop personality, strengthen, and foster team spirit, as well as creating a renewed energy & focus, culminating in the ultimate corporate holy grail – increased productivity.

Years Established




Key solutions Training


Because we are key to the growth of your organization.

1 - Active Listening

Our congenial consultants’ task is to diligently interpret the actual problems within your organization.

2 - Course Design

We will formulate a course outline and select a trainer or trainers befitting your needs, who’ll happily furnish you with the required tools and know-how enabling your personnel to realise, even exceed its full potential.

3 - Which training style? Perhaps a combination of training styles?

We believe that learning solely in the classroom simply won’t cut it, and the need for exposure to real-life vocational situations is invaluable in providing you with the experience & skills with which you can implement daily throughout your career.

4 - Evaluation and Follow up

Each individual will be evaluated before, and after the course in order to gauge the effectiveness of the training, as well as tailor the additional support going forward.



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Custom Training Solutions


Lectures presented by our specialists in each field.


Theories to employ in daily life.

 Case Study

Learn about case studies and real-life situations.

Coaching Process

Specialized group coaching.

Learning exchange process

Exchange information and ideas.

Video clips 

Video clips to reinforce the learning process.

Role Play

Role playing to develop problem-solving techniques.


Workshops in which to implement new ideas & hone your skills.


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