Treasure Hunt

 A high-energy activity full of  surprises & challenges involving plenty of interaction, organizational planning, team synergy and individual roles. Teams will undoubtedly have increased levels of trust & understanding after this extravaganza.

Amazing Treasure Hunt

Amazing Treasure Hunt

     This activity can accommodate groups of between 10 – 250 participants, and involves following a series of clues to find objects, ideally in a particular order. Your group will be split randomly into teams of equal number, and given your treasure hunt kits.

     There really are no limits regarding the design aspects of your event. We can tailor a course with your company specifically in mind, and or base it on any number of other cultural aspects, offering plenty of scope to guarantee a fun & a memorable occasion for all!

Amazing Treasure Hunt

     Brainstorming and communication as well as strong legs ‘n’ lungs are at the fore of this activity.

     Each team member will need their wits about them to crack the conundrums, solve the riddles & ultimately the mystery that leads you to the elusive prized treasure…